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Architecting CSS for Responsive Large Scale Applications

CSS is often regarded as a second-class citizen in web development. It doesn’t always get the same level of attention as JavaScript does. The problem is that CSS is flat, global and unstructured by nature, so developers need to create and enforce systematic conventions for writing it. Many developers are opinionated and under tight deadlines, so without an agreed set of rules the team commits to, CSS can spiral out of control very quickly. A good design system provides meaning for designers and developers, making development easier and more maintainable in the long term. It’s almost like building with LEGO bricks!

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Front-End Workflow with Grunt

I’m always trying to find new ways of making the front-end development workflow easier, faster, more structured, and more maintainable. As the web environment is becoming more complex, we need to embrace the tools and use them to help us create a good architecture that allows us to concentrate on the task at hand.

Everyone has his or her own coding style and preferred ways of working. The web evolves rapidly so changing our mindsets and constantly adapting to new ways of thinking and working is a must for front-end developers.

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New Responsive Realign for

Every couple of years or so I realign this site. As the site was already Responsive and Mobile First after the previous design in 2011, this time around I wanted to change mostly the typography for cleaner and simpler look and feel, and make performance enhancements. A lot of things have changed below the surface as well.

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