Akikoo.org is the online home of Aki Kärkkäinen — a Scrum Master, Agile practitioner, former UI Developer and occasional music freak based in Malmö, Sweden.

I am a curious individual who is looking for value in and between the intersections. Growing up in a musical family, I spent my teenage and early adult years in the 80's and 90's in Finland and Sweden, studying music and working as freelance musician and drum teacher. If music was my first effort of making sense of the world, then new web technologies were an opportunity to explore it further. I went on to live one summer in the UK and almost a year in France, studying at Université de la Sorbonne nouvelle Paris III and working in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

After returning to finish my Master's Degree in Economic Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, I moved to Belgium for eight years, and then to Denmark for nine years. Now I'm working in Sweden. Looking back, a lot of my life has been about curiosity, change, transformation, and both personal and team development. This manifests in my working life through Scrum, agile values, accessibility, mindfulness and servant leadership. I read a lot, and I head to the mountains and outdoors as often as I can.