akikoo.org realign

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Time goes quickly—especially on the web—so I though it was time to realign and give this site a new, fresh look. While streamlining the site and reorganising some of the content, I changed to HTML5 DOCTYPE (using the new HTML5 structural elements, with the HTML5 IE enabling script), and applied some CSS3 enhancements for browsers that support them.

Inspired by the work of many people (see Fluid grids for example), I created a liquid 13-column symmetrical grid. By combining the columns into supercolumns, I aligned the elements to the grid structure, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

A few words about Internet Explorer 6: I simply couldn't be bothered anymore to make this site work on dead browsers (I do enough of that hacking at work). Instead, I used Malarkey's Universal IE6 CSS because not all browsers need to see the same design. Die IE6, die!

This is a work in progress so I'm still finalising the details and color scheme. There shouldn't be any other big issues as far as I can see.

The previous design (v3)

The previous version of this site was online from February 2007 until November 2009. See screenshot below.