Alistair Cockburn and the Elephant Carpaccio

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Alistair Cockburn talking about the Heart of Agile, before facilitating his Elephant Carpaccio exercise at Skatteverket, June 15, 2022. Photo by Aki Kärkkäinen.

Today we had the pleasure to meet and listen to none other than Alistair Cockburn - Agile Manifesto co-author and Heart of Agile Founder - when he visited The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

As with everything agile, it wasn't just talk though: it all started with Alistair dancing Argentine Tango with a member of the audience :)

After his inspirational talk, Alistair facilitated his Elephant Carpaccio exercise. It was so exciting to participate and see the teams demo working software after each 8-minute Sprint! And to those wondering, yes, we did go live in Utah :) I'd recommend this exercise to all who've ever struggled breaking stories into really thin vertical slices (which is most of us at one time or another, I guess).

Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. Repeat.

Thanks for a great day of learning Alistair, and all who participated. And many thanks Fredrik Carleson and others at Skatteverket who made this happen!