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This is a sneak peek at the content on my YouTube channel. Video by Aki Kärkkäinen.

Announcing My New YouTube Channel

Above you can see the trailer, a sneak peek at the content on my new YouTube channel. I’m doing this because it’s fun, not because I’m good at it 🙂

This is a side project, a visual (video) diary, much like my Instagram account that contains occasional reflections on what I see, hear or read. It’s a way for me to focus and take care of my mental health, in these times of complex proxy world wars, in a world that seems to plunge into polarisation, violence and darkness, once again.

In these clips, I’m usually not editing or removing audio. What you hear comes from the environment, at the time of filming. My intention is not to change the original experience; I’m merely trying to reproduce some of it.

Lastly: even if it’s my YouTube channel, it’s not about me. It’s about these beautiful and precious places in nature. You can subscribe to the channel if you want.

Thank you 🙏

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