Bye Bye Internet Explorer 6 or lower

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No more support on for dead browsers: Internet Explorer 5, 5.5, or 6. If you're reading this with any of the above mentioned browsers, you'll see unstyled content only (with just a few basic CSS rules applied).

I simply can't be bothered anymore to hack for browsers that haven't been in development for years. I'm just waiting for these browsers to disappear from circulation, hopefully as soon as possible.

On this site, CSS is hidden from Internet Explorer lower or equal to version 6 with valid conditional comments. A very useful technique indeed.

For browsing, I use Firefox. It's the only one I need, and it has some very good extensions too (Firebug, Web Developer, ColorZilla to name a few). For testing, here's a list of browsers I've been using -- although in most cases, I only test in Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE7, and then only occasionally with others, if necessary.

The only acceptable reason for not using browsers on the above list would be if IE6 is your company browser (in that case it's time to revise that policy, is it not?).