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After returning from holiday in Sweden, I uploaded some photos to Flickr (see photo sets from Gothenburg and Helsingborg). I've had an account there since quite some time, but I didn't really use it that much, until now. Many people use Picasa, but I somehow prefer Flickr -- partly because you don't need any additional software (just a browser) to upload your photos. It's fun and useful!

This weekend I went through most of my old photos (mostly from holidays) taken during the last 2--3 years (all taken with a Sony DSC-W1 digital camera). I selected some 100 shots that I liked the most, and started uploading them. Feel free to go and see for yourself!

Photo sets (Riviera, Gothenburg, Helsingborg)

By tags (Belgium, Berlin, Paris)

More photos to come

Over the next coming days, I'll upload some more photos. Take a look at the thumbnails below; these photos are taken in Barcelona, Chamonix and Finland.