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To follow up with my previous post about travel photos on Flickr, I've uploaded some new photos. If you have a minute, go ahead and have a look (arranged below by tags).

The photos are from Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France (indescribable), North Karelia region in Eastern Finland (one of my favourite places in Finland) and Barcelona and its surroundings. Barcelona -- the city of Antoni Gaudí­ i Cornet -- is an amazing place, with the Eixample district designed with a strict grid pattern, cut by wide avenues diagonally. Surrounding small towns and beaches are nice too, especially Sitges, Castelldefels and Ocata.

See photos by tags: Chamonix, Finland, Barcelona

That's all for now. I'm thinking of buying a new camera, but I'm not yet sure which one -- Canon G9? Having a new toy might even encourage me to teach myself the basics of digital photography. If only I had the time!