New year, new job

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Happy New Year! To kick off 2008, I thought I'd write a few words about blogging (and social networking). I've got a new job too, but more on that later. First of all, I find it difficult to post here regularly. The problem is not that I don't have anything to say, but rather that I don't have time to do background research when preparing articles. It's not easy for me to "just start writing". Writing requires inspiration and practice. Writing takes time -- especially when you're not a native English speaker.

Simon Collison wrote an excellent piece, Two years on, here's another rant about the state of blogging. A very refreshing read indeed. I might give Twitter or Tumblr a try, even if I can't see myself using them extensively. But they might just be a solution to the time problem, while enhancing communication among colleagues and friends. I follow dozens of blogs every day (web design/development, news, upcoming concerts, tech stuff etc.) via RSS feeds on Google Reader. This keeps me updated, makes me think and gives me new ideas. But if I want to react, contribute, and develop those ideas further, I often just don't have time or energy to do that (not on this website, that is). Nothing new here. Talking about information overload and time management. Backpack is a good tool, but I also need to go out more often.

To conclude this post, let me say that I've just started my new job as a Web Designer/Developer at a Belgian company. I'm happy to join them -- a good start for 2008!